Monday, October 24, 2005

PTSA Updates 10/20/05

The gift-wrap sale totaled approximately $15,500 for a profit of $7750. Thank you ­Angie Anderson, Patti Iwamoto and Shelley Hadaway for your work on this fundraiser. A big thanks to all who sold and bought gift-wrap from the fundraiser.

The spaghetti dinner had a great turn out. Thank you to Shyla Miller for organizing this event and also to: Michelle Parker, Beth Dwyer, Kristen Devan, Joe Sharp, Mari Davis, Darrell Riley, Tamra Dewey, Layne Bautista, Regina Nadeau, Don Miller, Roxanne Thomas, Alan Lenny and the Boy Scout Troop. There were other anonymous dads that helped out with set-up and cleaning. A huge thanks to everyone and all those whose names were not mentioned.

The first bake sale made just shy of $300. Thank you to everyone who donated baked treats! Thank you Darcie Chambers for working the sale. We still will need people to volunteer to help with the next bake sale. Please contact Cori Roed at 835-­5919 if you are able to help in any way.

Safeway, 10% back to schools program, made around $200. This money will go to the school's self-help fund, which pays for things like safety patrol etc. Thank you for turning in your certificates.

Endolyn Joes Arbor Heights Day has changed to Nov. 8th. Breakfast & lunch count as well as dinner and reservations can only be made for parties of 6 or more. Please see the flier attached to this bulletin for more details.

Art Auction: Erin & Guy Borgford, Regina Nadeau and Carol Harrold
Spring and Fall Clean up: Dave Hadaway***Dave is looking for volunteers –
Please call Dave (923-0731) and let him know if you can help with this project.

Skate Night has been changed to Bowling Night - More Information to Follow

Grandparents Day Coordinator: Cassandra Knox

Pen Friend Tea: Sonja Clemente and Anna George

Still need to fIll the following volunteer positions:
. Staff/Teacher Appreciation Week
. Bingo

Please call Cori Roed (835-5919) if you have any questions regarding volunteering.


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