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Meeting Minutes October 20, 2005

Arbor Heights PTSA
General Meeting Minutes
October 20, 2005

The regular meeting of the Arbor Heights PTSA was called to order at 7:06 p.m. on October 20, 2005 in the school cafeteria by President Joe Sharp. The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed. Anna motioned to accept the minutes. Benita seconded it. The meeting minutes have been approved as written.

Arbor Heights Principal Report - Dr. Coram:
Dr Coram is out sick today.

PTSA Treasurer Report – Curt Knox:
Wrapping Paper - The gross income from the wrapping paper fundraiser was $16,500 (planned $17,000). The net income is around $8,750. Great job Angie Anderson, Patti Iwamoto and Shelley Hadaway.

Popcorn Sales – The popcorn machine went through some preventative maintenance, thus the expense. Popcorn sales will cover the maintenance costs and will still be a fundraiser.

Spaghetti Dinner – The Spaghetti dinner was a success. Depending on receipts, we should hit the net income of $700. Thanks to Shyla Miller for organizing this event and to: Michelle Parker, Beth Dwyer, Cristen Devan, Joe Sharp, Tammy Wooley, Mari Davis, Darrell Riley, Tamra Dewey, Layne Bautista, Regina Nadeau, Don Miller, Roxanne Thomas, Alan Lenny and the Boy Scout Troop. There were other anonymous dads helping out with set-up and cleaning. Thanks to everyone and sorry if your name was left off.

Bake sale – The bake sale at the Open House raised $300. Thank you to everyone who donated baked treats! Thank you for selling the baked goods, Darcie Chambers and Cori Roed. We need more volunteer to work the sale (20-30 minutes each) if we are to have any more bake sales this year. Please call Cori Roed and put your name on a list to be called if workers are needed. 835-5919. Thank you!!!

Cash Donations – We are well on our way to make or beat the budgeted net income.

PTSA memberships are at 50% of where they were last year. We need to get parents more involved, especially the kindergarten parents. Teachers are asked to remind parents to look for PTSA envelopes in backpacks etc.

PTSA Volunteer Report – Joe Sharp (for Cori Roed):
Arbor Heights day at Endolyn Joes is November 8th (all day long).

The PTSA still needs volunteers. Some open positions include “Staff appreciation coordinator” and “Bingo Caller”.

Blue Flyers were distributed describing the Safeway club card promotions.

Instrumental Music teacher – Dr Reineke:
Dr. Reineke handed out Instrumental Music handouts, explaining her needs. The $3,500 will pay the balance of the 1 day instrumental music program. Unfortunately, she can not teach more than 1 day a week for this school year. She has other teaching obligations for the rest of the week. The $3,500 is needed now.

Parents should think ahead about the next school year now. Do we want more than one day of instrumental music each week? Perhaps the current and future parents of instrumental music students can lead targeted fund raising for the instrumental music department, similar to what the 5th graders do for their spring camp. We could sell tickets for an instrumental music recital or sell other things music related. Any instrumental music fundraising efforts could go towards next year’s instrumental music program. In addition, parents can email the mayor asking for the budget surplus to go to the school district, earmarked for the instrumental music programs.

Fall Clean Up Project – Dave Haddaway:
Last year’s clean up cleared a lot of the ivy and native plants were planted. Now the morning glory has moved in, so further clearing is needed and then a general cleanup. We haven’t picked a date yet, probably a Saturday in November, from 8:00 am until lunch; perhaps the Saturday before Thanksgiving. School district provides tools, bags, and a worker. The fall clean up will be in the School newsletter a few weeks prior to the event. $400 is in budget for this clean up.

Bowling Night (November 22 and/or January) – Tracy Richards:
The skating rink in White Center is closed, so Carol Harrold is looking at scheduling a bowling night. Skate night was $5. So two hours of bowling at Roxbury with six people to a lane is $3 per person; plus $2 for shoes. The parents at the PTSA meeting would prefer to bowl at West Seattle Bowl – a bit more expensive, but preferred. Parents voted for January bowling. Then Bingo could be scheduled for February or April.

PTSA Project list and discussion – Joe Sharp:
The following were the 9 projects we discussed and voted on:

Project Idea 1 – Parking / Drop off Improvements
• Complete parking improvements on 104th street. Make it safe for kids walking / riding to school.
• Reconfigure drop off area for cars, preferably some sort of circular driveway to eliminate backing up, cutting other drivers off, etc
Estimated cost of project: ? – Shyla worked the parking improvement last year.

Project Idea 2 – Window Tinting - 1st Floor South Windows
Window tinting on library and Mr. Wilkie’s classroom (same as what was done on the second floor last year). Complete the coverage of the south facing windows.
Estimated cost of project: $2,000

Project Idea 3 – Improve Playground
• Add more activities for outside playground. More grass and trees. Cut back on the pavement.
• Add interest to paved playfield, too big! Underutilized space could have another grass area, more painted lines for games, etc.
• Playground benches and/or tile project and a park sign for Mrs. Keagan.
Estimated cost of project: $1,500

Project Idea 4 – Technology Assistant via U Wired
Funding for “U Wired” position to assist with technology needs for the school – classrooms, lab, laptops, etc. Essential in maintaining equipment.
Estimated cost of project: $3,000

Project Idea 5 – $3,500 for Instrumental Music
• Continue to “partially” fund instrumental music. Dr. Reineke needs $3,500 to cover her 1 day of instruction. She has a matching grant from “butch Blum” fundraiser. She had to drop approximately 13 students from the program this year.
Estimated cost of project: $3,500

Project Idea 6 – Remove Pigeons from Play Court
Removing pigeon population from the “play court” area. This is a well-established group, creating a health hazard in a heavily used area.
Estimated cost of project: $5,000; need expert to evaluate & suggest solutions

Project Idea 7 – Math Knowledge Bowl
Math Knowledge bowl for 4th and 5th graders. Ms. Kennewick (5th grade teacher) is volunteering her time to run this program. She is asking for $500.00 to pay the registration fee.
Estimated cost of project: $500.00

Project Idea 8 – Decorate Hallways
Murals, mosaics for halls, especially down long halls to room 12+. Even having the walls painted various pleasing solid colors would be inexpensive and nice.
Estimated cost of project: ? – cheap and opportunity for kids to create.

Project Idea 9 – Pea Patch Gardens
Pea Patch or garden for individual classrooms if they want it.
Estimated cost of project: $500 per class

If the PTSA votes to do a project, then someone needs to lead the project implementation. Think about this when you vote. Sometimes projects are postponed, such as the benches. The PTSA board will keep you informed, when this happens.

PTSA Project Voting – Joe Sharp (10 min):
Every PTSA member gets 3 voting dots. Votes can be placed on one project or they can be spread out. After dots were set, we tallied the votes and the results set our spending for the year.

Vote tally
Project Idea 5 - Instrumental Music – 22 votes ($3,500)
Project Idea 4 - Tech U Wired – 17 votes ($3,000)
Project Idea 7 – Math Knowledge Bowl – 14 votes ($500)
Project Idea 2 - Window Tinting – 11 votes ($2,000)
------------------------------------ cutoff
Project Idea 1 - Parking – 11 votes ($?)

New Business:
How do we get beyond the negative publicity from this summer? Gatewood is growing, how is Arbor Heights doing?

The holiday wreaths fundraiser is the first fundraiser for the 5th grade camp. A read-a-thon and walk-a-thon are also planned to raise money.

The results of the Katrina Coin Drive are: $1,243.00 was donated by students. The teachers matched $1,350.00. A check was sent to the Humane Society on Monday.

Have a Jackie Keagan day as an “unveiling” of the playground improvements.

Cookie Dough flyers will be coming out soon.

The regular meeting of the Arbor Heights PTSA wrapped up at 8:20 p.m.


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