Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Arbor Heights Fall Clean up - Saturday, September 30th

The Arbor Heights fall clean up is happening this Saturday from 9:00am-1:00pm! Please bring your own gardening tools, brooms, etc. We will provide garbage bags and gardening gloves and miscellaneous tools. The focus of this event is to clean-up the grounds. Pickup garbage, weeds, sweep, and prune. We need all the help we can get, so please stop by and put some gloves on and dig in! Even if you can only help for an hour! Whatever you can give is always appreciated!

We will provide Coffee and Donuts!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Meeting Minutes May 18, 2006

Arbor Heights PTSA
General Meeting Minutes
May 18, 2006

President Joe Sharp called the regular meeting of the Arbor Heights PTSA to order at 7:02 p.m. on May 18, 2006 in the school cafeteria. This is the last PTSA meeting for the school year. We will vote on the PTSA board for next year’s PTSA. As a part of the elections, we will break up the Fundraising / Volunteer position to Volunteer Coordinator, Fundraising Chair, Communications Coordinator.

The minutes for the April meeting are approved as written. The minutes can be found on the PTSA blog.

Arbor Heights Principal Report-Dr. Coram:

The Powerful Writers program has been a great success. The teachers have all been trained and will carry forward this program next year. In addition, there is a program called WITS “writing in the schools”. This may be an opportunity to move forward with a dedicated writer for the school year.

The last coffee house is scheduled for May 23rd.

Treasurer Report / review and approve 2006-2007 PTSA budget:
Curt walked us through the PTSA annual budget for this past year. The total income generation for the year is higher than budgeted and we spent less than budgeted.

Curt walked us through the proposed budget for the next school year. There is no art fair next year (next year is the science fair), so no budget is listed. A few PTSA sponsored programs have been added to the budget for next year. The proposed budget was voted on and approved.

Fundraising Chair Report and Upcoming Events:
The School Carnival is June 10th from 3-6 pm.

The Saturday Plant Sale raised about $1,600.

Golden Acorn:
We handed out Golden Acorn nomination forms. The Golden Acorn award will be awarded at the volunteer appreciation luncheon. Don’t forget to submit your nominations.

PTSA Board Elections & Volunteer/Fundraising/Communication Chairs:
The current PTSA President (Joe Sharp), Vice President (Darrel Riley), Secretary (Tammy Wooley and Tracy Richards) and Treasurer (Curt Knox) agreed to continue for another year. Cori Roed was nominated for the Communications Chair position. Anna George was nominated for the Fundraising Chair position. Darrel Riley will continue to cover the Volunteer Chair position. The proposed PTSA Board was voted on and approved.

Feet First - "walking school-bus" program:
The Walking School Bus program promotes safe walking routes. Cori will send out a survey to find out how many families are interested in starting up this program for Arbor Heights.

Street Improvement Project:
Seattle Transportation department will add a sidewalk on 104th, starting at the school and going up the hill to the stop sign this calendar year. Next year a sidewalk will be added from the school to 35th.

New Business:
Teacher Appreciation week was a success.

The regular meeting of the Arbor Heights PTSA wrapped up at 8:17 pm.

Monday, September 18, 2006

PTSA Meeting September 21, 2006

Arbor Heights PTSA
General Meeting Agenda
September 21, 2006

Opening Comments / PTSA Packet / Minutes Approval – Joe Sharp (10min)
Arbor Heights Principal Report (including WASL score review) - Dr.Coram (5 min)
Count Classroom Parent Attendance –
Popcorn Party for classroom with most attendees (5 min)
PTSA Treasurer Report / Budget Approval – Curt Knox (10 min)
PTSA Fundraising Chair Report – Anna George (5 min)
Upcoming Events / Volunteer Chair Report – Darrel Riley (5 min)
Project Discussion – Joe Sharp (5 min)
School Closure Phase 2 – Dr. Coram (5 min)
New Business (10 min)

Note: Further School Closure Discussion can follow the PTSA meeting.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Arbor Heights Playground Dedication

Mrs. Keegan says Hi
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On September 12, 2006, the Arbor Heights playground was dedicated to Mrs. Jackie Keegan. In a very moving ceremony attended by the student body, family, friends, former students, and colleagues, a beautiful sign was unveiled. This sign will be prominently displayed on our playground. A series of pictures is available here.